What Are People Saying About Jetrid TM ?

If you’re ready to combat jet lag, join the tens of thousands of Americans who have already experienced the benefits of JetRid™ today

  • Jetrid Testimonial 1

    As a regular traveler, I'm very familiar with what jet lag can do to the body. I tried JetRid with a lot of skepticism, but I was surprised. It worked wonders! I first used it a year ago when I flew from the West Coast to China. For the first time ever, I actually slept the first night I arrived. More than that, the following day I was totally focused in my business meeting and felt amazingly well. Of course, I've used it ever since and will continue to do so, it's amazing stuff. I would totally recommend this product to anyone who travels!

    Bob G. - Investment Banker

  • Jetrid Testimonial 2

    JetRid is a fantastic product, before I discovered it I always suffered with long lasting jet lag, sometimes taking weeks to fully recover. Since using JetRid I have only very mild symptoms that disappear after the first day. I have found it to be a real life saver.

    Jackie F. - Designer

  • Jetrid Testimonial 3

    I know that this works! I took it, my husband chose not to. When we arrived, he spent the first day walking around like a zombie and that night, he couldn't sleep. I, on the other hand, slept like a baby and felt so good. Needless to say, on the return journey, he took it! Five Star Product!!

    Janey F. - Teacher

  • Jetrid Testimonial 4

    As an air hostess, long haul, jet lag is something that I have had to learn how to cope with. At times though, it was so hard. That was until a pilot friend of mine recommended JetRid - I haven't looked back since. I follow their dosage by the book, as well as drink lots water on the flight, and I eat light. On arrival, if it is day light, I stay up until it's dark and then I sleep. And boy, do I sleep well! This is a great product.

    Amelie F. - Air Hostess

  • Jetrid Testimonial 5

    I followed their suggested directions and used one, half an hour before boarding and one upon landing. During the flight, I felt good, I even slept for a few hours. When I arrived, I didn't feel groggy like I normally do. I was much more alert. I stayed awake for the rest of the day and that night took Jet Rid night time formula. I slept amazingly well and readjusted in no time at all. I continued taking it three days after I landed, both outward and inbound trips. I take eight transatlantic trips a year and without a doubt will be using JetRid on every trip.

    Adam T. - C.E.O.

  • Jetrid Testimonial 6

    This worked wonders for me. I recently flew from New Zealand to the West Coast. I was able to sleep the first night I landed back, and after continuing taking it for four days on my return I can honestly say that I felt back to normal within no time at all and only took it for so long cos I was scared the jet lag would creep up - it never did. Amazing Product!

    Donald R. - Personal Trainer

  • Jetrid Testimonial 1

    I could not believe that the ingredients in JetRid are all natural - it worked so well. I would highly recommended this product to anyone who is going travelling.

    John E. - Editor-In-Chief

  • Jetrid Testimonial 2

    This is a 5 Star Product! I felt huge benefits when I flew from the West coast to Europe. Same on my return leg too. Great Stuff.

    Mark B. - Trader

  • Jetrid Testimonial 3

    I have recommended this to all my friends because it worked a treat for me. I was sick of feeling so terrible after international flights, I decided to try this after much searching on the net. I can say I felt so good on arrival, not drugged or hyper just chilled and calm! And at night I slept so well without waking, this made me feel so much better the next day.

    Louisa B. - Writer


Formulated To Combat Jet Lag & Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance

JetRid™ is formulated to support your body’s natural defenses to avoid the symptoms of jet lag. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, simply return all the bottles you ordered (both used and unused) within 60 days, for a full refund (excluding shipping), no questions asked!